Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

This is a strange one. I guess the primary influence here is Momus. Momus is a singer-songwriter, video maker, and author who lives in Japan. He’s actually Scottish by birth. His real name is Nick Currie. During the 80s he released a series of albums which moved gradually from being acoustic guitar based to electronica. […]

Paul Klee - Landscape Forest and Birds

Songstories #7 – Song For A Walk

Rounding off 2015 with a new song, very short and sweet. Earlier in the year I had a daily practice of writing for 10 minutes each morning, just to accumulate ideas. Most of it was unusable, but this emerged one morning and when I reviewed the notebooks in October I liked it. An artist friend […]

Songstories #6 Christmas Revolution

The first recording of this goes back to 2007 but the seeds were sown in the 1970s. I guess everyone associates their favourite Christmas songs with a certain period in their life, so for me the early 70s ones, just as Glam Rock was in the ascendancy, are the classics. In particular Wizzard’s I Wish […]

The Wolf Who Snared the Moon album cover

Songstories#5 The Wolf …

The Wolf Who Snared The Moon (2015 package) by Norman Lamont The Wolf was the title track of my first proper album, in 2004. It was the most ambitious recording I’d tried then, and has always been one of my favourite recordings. So why tinker with it again in 2015? Just ten years of learning […]