Not About To Fly

A few weeks ago, Mary, Jim, John and I piled into the Captain’s Bar in Edinburgh, set up some cameras on tripods and mimed along to this song from my new album. The other day Pol Arida edited the best of it into this video. Not About To Fly is the jauntiest song in the […]


The Mindfulness Scan 21/2/14

A year or so ago I started a blog about mindfulness and meditation called Coming Back.  The title comes from the fundamental experience of mindfulness, which is that you keep getting distracted and keep coming back to your focus; each time you do it reinforces certain neural pathways which means concentration becomes easier. It’s the […]

Clive Shepherd, Piaf and ballroom dancing

Clive Shepherd, Piaf and ballroom dancing

There are some words I never expected to sit together in one heading. Yesterday I tuned into Clive Shepherd’s talk ‘More Than Blended Learning’ on the Learning and Skills Group. It’s great that they give us this quality of webinar free on a regular basis. Clive’s always been keen on models and organising disparate strands […]

Will The Circle be broken?

SECRETS ARE LIES SHARING IS CARING PRIVACY IS THEFT These are the slogans of the the eponymous  organisation in Dave Eggers’ The Circle, a Google/Apple/Twitter search and social media outfit run by young Silicon Valley enthusiasts.  Despite the (deliberate) echo of Orwell’s 1984, this organisation doesn’t set out deliberately to be brutal or fascistic. It’s a dystopia created by wide-eyed […]

Curation in a Walled Garden

Curation in a Walled Garden

How can you use a curation approach for corporate learning when the corporate blocks anything useful on the internet? I’ve just been learning about content curation on a mini-MOOC run by Curatr. The premise of content curation, as Ben Betts says in this interesting article, is With the proliferation of content on the Web, it […]

William Butler Yeats

Album preview: The Song Of Wandering Aengus

Here’s another preview of my album.  This is a poem by William Butler Yeats. I’m adding to a long series of musical interpretations of it including The Waterboys and Donovan. I now have the master CD and will be sending it off for duplication. The online version will be released on March 1st in […]

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