Curation in a Walled Garden

Curation in a Walled Garden

How can you use a curation approach for corporate learning when the corporate blocks anything useful on the internet? I’ve just been learning about content curation on a mini-MOOC run by Curatr. The premise of content curation, as Ben Betts says in this interesting article, is With the proliferation of content on the Web, it […]

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Completing Curatr

The last task in the Curatr course I’m doing was to use what you’ve learned to set up your own curation example using one of the tools we’ve discussed as well as the good practice we’ve learned about. This was my first attempt to use to curate my subject and it hasn’t gone […]

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I’m a Curatr ratr

I’m into my second week of a course on the Curatr platform. The course is, by coincidence, about how to become a good online curator of content and a course on the Curatr platform works by, well, curating content! Enough circularities. The main outcome for me is that I’ve learned a lot about the subject, […]

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