Songstories #2  All You Need To Know About Me

Songstories #2 All You Need To Know About Me

Here’s a brand new recording for a change. During most of 2013 I was doing a writing exercise that involved writing for five minutes before breakfast every morning –  any subject, any form.  Most of it, of course, was cack, but looking back at my notebooks this year I found quite a few useful bits […]

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Until I Found You

There’s a running joke among my musician friends about how long it takes me to get from writing something to recording it, but this probably stretches it.  This song dates from the days of the band Hungry Ghosts so it’s probably mid 90s.  I don’t remember any story around writing it other than a vague […]

Songstories #1: A Forest Trail In Autumn

Songstories #1: A Forest Trail In Autumn

I’ve neglected this site for a while as all my attention’s been focused on getting my business site Light Touch Learning up. I’ve moved all the work stuff from this site to that, to focus here on my music. I’m going to pick a random song from the back catalogue every so often and write […]

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It’s just a song, after all …

This is one for all the performers among my friends. Tonight I wrote a song. The first time in a year, during which I thought I either couldn’t, or didn’t need to, write another. So I’ve written one, and I think it’s good. Big deal. Why is that such a bitter sweet feeling? Since I […]


Fringe shows

Here’s a brief reminder that my little band of brothers and sisters and I are treading the boards again at the Fringe. We’re playing the Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides in Orwell St on 9, 10, 11 August at 7pm Expect the usual mix of quirky whimsy and crushing depression, with the superb Fiona […]