Oswestry gig

Oswestry gig

Big thanks all round to the people whose work and generosity made the weekend’s gig in Oswestry possible, especially Chas Nicolson and his friends at the venue on the night looking after the bar and the furniture. And of course the 40 or so who turned out to fil the venue on a freezing night for two musicians they’d never heard and gave us such a warm reception.
Sharing the bill with me was Nathan Ball, a wizard on the guitar with a haunting voice. Give him a listen here.


The gig took place in the restored Oswestry Station, where an ambitious scheme is under way to create a new rail link from the station, closed during the 60s, to Birmingham.  The cafe has seating from old trains complete with luggage on luggage racks above.  There are life size replicas of characters from the 50s, a couple of whom I drafted into my ‘band’.




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  1. Chas Nicholson
    Chas Nicholson
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    This was a great evening and I have had several very appreciative e mails from some of those who attended. Norman’s wit and panache made an excellent counterpoint to Nathan’s wizardry.

  2. Andy Roberts
    Andy Roberts
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    If I’d have paid attention I would have know you were playing and we’d have been there to watch, Norman. Oswestry is only about 30 miles from us.

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