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Songstories #14 – Time Starts Now

This was a song I recorded ‘between bands’ – the time in the mid 90s between the end of Hungry Ghosts and the birth of the Innocents.  I’d sung it a few times live with Polly Phillips but didn’t have the knowledge or skill to record it.  The arrangement was almost all down to producer […]

Illustration by Gustav Dore from the

Songstories #13 – Only The Sea

I’m going right back today, to the early days of Out of the Bedroom at the Waverley, captured on the 2003 album Waverley Nights.  The original lineup of the Innocents – me, Alison Tunnicliffe (then Hennessy) on violin and singer-songwriter The G on percussion with the song that usually closed our set, Only The Sea. […]

Songstories #12 – The Water Is Wide

Romantic Fiction Collected by Norman Lamont This was a track on Romantic Fiction 2. A traditional Irish song, I first heard it on Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review live album, sung as a duet with Joan Baez.  I noticed it had a lot of shared lyrics and melody with Carrickfergus, one of my favourite Irish songs […]

Live at the Village

We’re excited to be playing at the Nitty Gritty Club at The Village, 16 South Fort St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 4ET on Friday night, 1st April, starting at 8. It’s free! This will be the full band, and electric. Not just us but Scott Renton’s country crew the Heartbreak Diet and James Igoe, late of […]


The Listening Room March 13th

The Listening Room is an event held on Sundays in The Blue Blazer, behind the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. I’ve been going on an occasional basis for many years. It’s in an L-shaped room and the performer is usually sitting or standing somewhere around the corner. In that corner it’s a very closeup and intimate […]

Soldiers at a roadblock

Songstories #11: Roadblock

My Roadblock album doesn’t get mentioned much when people talk about my music. Maybe because I don’t tend to play many of the songs live. Or maybe because it’s pretty gloomy. The title track is one of the darkest things I’ve done. The inspirations were the blues and the call and response worksongs of the […]