My new album

My new album

Well it’s taken me nearly five years, but I’ve finally got this album ready. I won’t say too much about it here except that IT’S GOOD! You can hear it, watch the video, download the album or individual tracks at To hear it live and get a copy to turn over and over in […]

Pete Townshend: Who I Am

I’ve been reading this a little at a time over the last week or two.  It’s a strange one.  Unlike, say Dylan or Keith Richard’s autobiographies, there’s no flamboyant writerly style in this book.  The prose is almost mundane in places, which is surprising given the skill and dedication of its author.  That’s not to […]

On the path with Richard

I have some acoustic gigs coming up in November and December and realised, painfully, that my fingers have grown soft from months of playing only electric, or even air, guitar. So I decided to try On The Path, an iPad app for instrument lessons.  I chose Richard Thompson. For around a tenner  you get video […]

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