Still from Ballad of Bob Dylan video

Playing at the Linky Lea festival!

Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent are very happy to be invited to play at Linky Lea 2016 on Saturday 22nd October. Linkylea Festival has always been a small family music festival in the heart of rural East Lothian, set up to raise money for disadvantaged children and young adults in  India. This year, it’s […]

Di Williams cassette Take Route

In Search of Di Williams

This is the start of a quest. In the mid-1980s I was living in Manchester. During this time I got to know a singer called Di Williams. She first came along to a folk club I ran with Lynne Percival at the Lamplight Club in Chorlton. She seemed a slightly eccentric figure, in charity shop clothes […]

Songstories #16  - Shift Shuffle

Songstories #16 – Shift Shuffle

A few weeks ago I watched a video on Taxi TV where Chuck Henry, a musician living in California, showed how he makes a living building hip hop and dance tracks, not for the charts, but for TV and films. They’re called ‘cues’ and you’ve heard them in the background of scenes – when someone […]

Why I listen to music

Why I listen to music

I had a little flash of illumination the other day. I went into HMV, drawn by a sign saying CDs were £2.00.  Sure enough there were a lot of them, many of which I was sure I’d enjoy. But I realised if I bought them I’d probably only listen to one or two tracks. And […]

Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

This is a strange one. I guess the primary influence here is Momus. Momus is a singer-songwriter, video maker, and author who lives in Japan. He’s actually Scottish by birth. His real name is Nick Currie. During the 80s he released a series of albums which moved gradually from being acoustic guitar based to electronica. […]

The Wolf Who Snared the Moon album cover

Songstories#5 The Wolf …

The Wolf Who Snared The Moon (2015 package) by Norman Lamont The Wolf was the title track of my first proper album, in 2004. It was the most ambitious recording I’d tried then, and has always been one of my favourite recordings. So why tinker with it again in 2015? Just ten years of learning […]