Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

Songstories #9 The Last Man To Touch You

This is a strange one. I guess the primary influence here is Momus. Momus is a singer-songwriter, video maker, and author who lives in Japan. He’s actually Scottish by birth. His real name is Nick Currie. During the 80s he released a series of albums which moved gradually from being acoustic guitar based to electronica. […]

The Wolf Who Snared the Moon album cover

Songstories#5 The Wolf …

The Wolf Who Snared The Moon (2015 package) by Norman Lamont The Wolf was the title track of my first proper album, in 2004. It was the most ambitious recording I’d tried then, and has always been one of my favourite recordings. So why tinker with it again in 2015? Just ten years of learning […]

Profile of a hawk

What’s it all about, then?

 Over the last few weeks I’ve been musing a lot about what my various websites are for. One piece of advice I was given was to run a user survey, which I’ve done on two sites including this one. I didn’t expect many answers – I don’t get a lot of visitors and I don’t […]

A tip of the hat tonight

A tip of the hat tonight

I’ve been unable to post to WordPress for a while, so I’m glad to have got it fixed today. Tonight’s the night for the third Tip of the Hat to Leonard Cohen. We’re at the Village, Fort Street, Leith. We’ve got so many singers we need to start prompt! Besides, Leonard would like it that […]

Ricky (enfin!)

You wait years for a decent recording of a song and suddenly, like buses, two come along. Jacques Brel wrote his famous song Jackie in the 1960s, spinning a yarn from his fantasy of ending up as a cabaret crooner in cheap clubs. Scott Walker, Marc Almond and others sang translated versions. In the 1980s […]

Vintage engraving of man writing at desk

It’s just a song, after all …

This is one for all the performers among my friends. Tonight I wrote a song. The first time in a year, during which I thought I either couldn’t, or didn’t need to, write another. So I’ve written one, and I think it’s good. Big deal. Why is that such a bitter sweet feeling? Since I […]