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‘Norman is one of these performers that offers up something a little quirkier than the normal singer/songwriter stuff… a few yarns about things you’d never think to write about, a few animal puns, and a healthy dose of not taking yourself too seriously, mixed with a deep cohenesque vocal and some super catchy hooks.’ (Hannah O’Reilly)

Greetings, people of Earth

I’m Norman Lamont. This site is mainly about my music:
  1. singer/songwriter – this is what most people who know me come here for
  2. ambient soundscapes, which I call Waveforms
  3. music for licencing


I’ve been writing songs for nearly 45 years. You’d think I’d be better at it, but I like to believe that the cruel trick which lost me fame and fortune in the music business is that I didn’t start writing good songs until my 40s! By which time, well, you know the music business …
My influences come through very clearly, with the songs sometimes emerging as a pastiche of a genre or another artist, but as time goes on I’ve got to know what a good Norman song is; I’d like to be as dark and edgy as Nick Cave and Tom Waits, but I’m not. I’m more McCartney than Lennon and melody always takes centre stage. I like humour in a song and that’s often there, but also an emotional vulnerability and honesty from time to time. Not ‘this is me and my life’ but ‘this is how it is for people, you know that, don’t you?’


The ambient music, Waveforms,  links my lifelong Zen practice with the guitar innovations of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno to create something that’s very demanding of the player – every note you play gets repeated back at you.  Some would say it’s even more demanding of the listener! It’s not my most popular music but I love playing it. But you don’t have to listen to it – you can make your own without a guitar here.


Recently I’ve been looking at creating instrumentals to get licencing in TV, film and music libraries. I haven’t got any placements yet, but I enjoy the process.

Without whom …

Since coming to Edinburgh in 1990 I’ve found a supportive and incredibly creative community in the songwriter circles of the Songwriters’ Showcase, Out of the Bedroom, Full Moon Club, The Listening Room and Pressure Valve. Out of that I’ve been able to form a series of bands around my songs – Hungry Ghosts,  the Innocents, the Invisible Helpers and currently Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent.
I’ve also had the privilege of playing in other people’s bands, which is a very different kind of learning and fun: Fiona Thom and the Thom Boys, FRAKtured Fingers, Bespoke and the Houdini Box.

My recorded works

Most of the music on this site is free and more free stuff will be added. Should you wish to show your appreciation in monetary form, that is appreciated and pays for the preservatives.

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