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eLearning – how hard can it be?

I was recently in a conversation with a training manager in another organisation about whether eLearning design is a specialism or whether, given ‘rapid’ content creation tools, it’s something anyone (in his case designers of face to face training) can do. After all we’ve probably all learned from videos on YouTube created by people with […]

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Cathy Moore workshop: last chance to sign up!

I’m privileged to be helping Cathy Moore run a workshop in London this Friday: Training Design for Business Results I’ve used her ideas on Action Mapping and scenarios lots of times over the years and spoken at Learning Technologies about them, and they work. Plus, she’s funny! If you’re a training designer who creates materials […]

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Compliance: it’s got to be perfect

Another post about compliance training. It’s not like me to think about it twice in a month. Andrew Jacobs put up his list of 50 big ideas to change L and D, which generated some interesting comments as different readers picked on or other idea to talk about. My attention was drawn to 26. Don’t […]

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Compliance training by any other name

… would smell? Maybe not. Ryan Tracey goes over the reasons we hate compliance training but asks: what if we took the law out of it?  Imagine for a moment there was no such thing as compliance legislation; no regulatory agencies scrutinising your every move; no auditors to appease; no obligation whatsoever to do […]

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